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Contea advisory on M&A transactions

Contea's M&A practice advise on transaction liability solutions for corporate and real estate mergers and acquisitions, insurance due diligence and cover for private equity funds and their portfolio companies’ insurable risks.

As a trusted advisor, we can now offer our clients advisory on M&A risks and exposures. Our focus areas are transaction liability insurance, insurance due diligence as well as private equity funds and their portfolio companies to identify and cover insurable risks. Contea’s services apply pre-deal (investigation/negotiation phase), during ownership (integration and optimization of the insurance program) and divesting a company (exit).

Our advisory includes all aspects of the transaction liability insurance process, from due diligence (investigation phase) to placement transaction insurance solutions. Further we advise during the ownership period on integration and optimization of insurance program as well as on cover for private equity fund’s risks and exposures.



Danish transactions Y2019


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Professional advisory service

We provide professional, straightforward, specialized and detailed advisory services whether you are entering a buy-side or sell-side process. By understanding our customers' needs, being transparent, present, challenging insurance market and execute throughout the processes, we aim to deliver bespoke solutions every day to all our Danish and international clients.

We hope and believe our approach bring mutual trust and ongoing value-adding cooperation.


Sune Hallander