We challenge the insurance market

by approaching risk and insurance in a mindful, straightforward, progressive and transparent manner

by approaching risk and insurance in a mindful, straightforward, progressive and transparent manner



In depth understanding of our costomers needs, wishes and demands - nationally and internationally

Housing associations

A collaboration built on honesty, trust and two-way flow of information.

Public sector and utilities

We provide oversight and security with our vast experience and thorough understanding of tendering processes.

Our vision

We believe in trust and collaboration - the building blocks of our name. It’s a part of our DNA, and a prerequisite of good client relations - something we know doesn’t happen automatically.

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100 %

of our clients say

that we have an excellent understanding of the issues they face in their business
97 %

of our clients say

that we give them the support and assistance they expect, every day
95 %

of our clients say

That our employees live up to their expectations in terms of being service minded and professional
80 %

of our customers

in industry and trade receive assistance from us in respect of insurance solutions in the international markets.

“Having a team like Contea's behind you is precisely the point of it all. We know that Contea maintains an oversight of our contracts which ensures that we are never under or over insured, but rather that we have always got the best coverage at the best price. Every piece of advice from Contea is based on a high degree of business and commercial insight, and their customer focus is outstanding.” Peter Strandgaard, ESVAGT

Cyber insurance

What is it, and how can you secure your business from the effects of cybercrime?

Too many boards of directors and businesses in general close their eyes and hope that their business is fortunate enough not to fall victim to cybercrime. But this is highly unlikely. As Misha Glenny, author of several books on cybercrime, says: “There are two types of companies in the world: those that know they've been hacked, and those that don't.” Boards and management must therefore accept that the businesses they are responsible for are not 100 % safe from cybercrime, and never will be. All businesses, private and public, risk losing out as a result of cybercrime. Get in touch with us for further information.